5 Quotes to Motivate You to Get Fit

Have you been stuck in your comfort zone for way too long? Fitness is a journey that has no ultimate end. It is a lifestyle, not just a goal. You do not need to stay unmotivated for longer periods because that would only but delay your fitness journey and affect your overall health and wellness. 

In your pursuant for fitness, there are times when you are certain to feel unmotivated and stuck. At such periods, nothing beats the energy exhibited by great motivational quotes. A simple fitness quote can get you back on your fitness journey. That one-sentence workout quote can make you wake up for those morning jogs and you will be left wondering why you were not motivated in the first place. 

Motivational quotes can keep you motivated such that you will not make any excuses not to hit the gym even after a long day at work. A good quote will make you choose a portion of healthy food at the eateries rather than anything that would stagnate your fitness goals. 

Motivational quotes play magic in fitness as they play in other life spheres such as education, career, and family. The good thing about motivational quotes is that they are only one sentence- that simple. You read one sentence and you are good to go. 

Here are 5 fitness quotes to motivate you to get fit to attain optimal health and wellness

“You can have results or excuses, but not both”- Arnold Schwarzenegger

 Have you been making excuses to stay in your comfort zone for way too long? You could be waiting for results so desperately after you adopted that Mediterranean diet. Perhaps you subscribed to the gym a few months ago but you have been struggling to find the slightest of strength to keep up with the sessions. 

Whatever method you are using to get fit, you need to remember that you can only have either results or excuses. It is that simple. Stop making those excuses and push through your progress to ultimate fitness. 

When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.” —Unknown

 Knowing why exactly you are on the fitness journey should always be your fitness motivation. There are challenges along the way that could make you reconsider your nutritional plans and stop your exercises altogether. 

For example, when you are starting out, you may experience soreness and pain. But this is how your body is getting used to the training or the workout sessions you recently started. You may also feel or think that things are not going as expected. It is normal. It is normal not to have the strength to keep going- but something that can get your strength back is the sole reason why you started. 

At those low moments as you search through workout quotes to find one that keeps you going, remember why you started and push through towards your coming success. 

“Strive for progress, not perfection.” —Unknown 

Have you been working out at the gym for over three months and not seeing any results? Perhaps you have been monitoring your calorie intake even more than before while faithfully taking walks or cycling to the mall on weekends. 

It can be very discouraging if all you are looking for is perfection. It even gets less fulfilling with each renewed gym subscription when you actually are focusing on perfection. 

“Strive for progress, not perfection” is one of the best motivational quotes to help you step back and celebrate the small steps you have taken over time towards fitness. 

The difference between someone who strives for perfection and that who strives for progress is that the former is more likely to keep the push even more amidst struggles because they know that every step counts in helping them reach their goals. One who strives for perfection will always remain in self-pity each time they notice there is no perfection.

Stop being hard on yourself by looking for perfection. You waste a lot of time when you try to compare your little steps to those of someone else who most likely appreciate their little steps. Focus on self-motivation each time you make even the slightest of changes towards your goals. 

All great achievements require time—Maya Angelou

When you feel like you are struggling to stick to your workout schedule for reasons such as time, this quote should get you back on your toes.

It could be that you plan to lose weight and get into desirable shape for your upcoming graduation or wedding. Perhaps you simply want to lose weight to reduce the risk of obesity-related diseases such as high blood pressure and coronary heart disease. Whatever is pushing you to pursue your fitness goals, remember you need to allocate adequate time to your workouts, and even more important you need to stick to a healthy diet. 

It could be that you have been working out and eating healthy but feel like you are not seeing results. Stay calm because fitness is not an abrupt thing, give yourself even more time because your goal is a great achievement that requires time. 

Keep away from the “tomorrow” mentality and let this motivational quote help you create time and accomplish your fitness goals.

Exercise is king. Nutrition is queen. Put them together and you’ve got a kingdom- Jack Lalanne

Exercise and nutrition are inseparable when it comes to your fitness goals. You not only need to exercise but also eat right- and most importantly your body not only needs a healthy diet but also adequate exercise. 

For example, you cannot hit the gym the whole week only to “treat” yourself with junk foods the whole weekend. Exercising requires energy, but that does not mean eating fast foods at your favorite drive-through. 

So when you are thinking exercising is enough without eating healthy foods, then this quote by Jack LaLanne should help you set up the best kingdom with exercise as king and nutrition as queen. 

Final Thoughts

The famous “Motivation is what gets you started Habit is what keeps you going” by Jim Rohn is a perfect quote to help you habitually apply the above five quotes as you move work towards your fitness goals.

While motivation quotes can be helpful when you feel like quitting your fitness journey, you need to make that which the quotes say a habit. For example, if you are stuck between your desire for success and your continued excuses, remember Arnold Schwarzenegger said that you can only have one of them, never both. 

Fitness motivation is something you constantly need to find whether it means writing out your best quotes in your kitchen area or at the back of your gym card- you still need to remind yourself every single day.

It is not time to give up yet, you are almost there even with the unforeseen success you are worried about. Motivational workout quotes can help you run that extra mile or park your car at the furthest spot in the parking area at work. You only need to get a few that actually applies to you.

It is time to step out of your comfort zone and work towards your goals by using these motivational quotes. Establish consistency through it all and see yourself progressively move towards good health and wellness as you get fit.