Want to Get Fit but Feel Unmotivated

So many times you wake up and tell yourself that you need to start keeping fit and watching what you eat. You constantly think of all the junk you are consuming and the missed gym sessions. You start questioning if you are fair not just to your body but also to your fitness goals. 

What you do not realize in all these is that you are unmotivated.

You do not have to be a newbie in the fitness world to feel unmotivated. Even the fitness gurus out there have days when their motivation records constant absenteeism. 

But how do you tell if you are unmotivated? 

3 signs you are unmotivated in your fitness journey

Constant procrastination

“I will start this diet of Monday” – is that familiar? Perhaps “I will renew my gym subscription next month” sounds more familiar to you.

The problem is that ‘Monday’ or ‘next month’ never seem to come. In fact, ‘Monday’ and ‘next month’ are super absent on your calendar.

Constant procrastination is a sign that you lack motivation to purposely pursue your fitness plan. 

You know very well you need to get fit but still go ahead and making “forward plans” that you do not adhere to. To some people it could be waking up to a morning jog, joining friends for a cycling session, going to the gym, or purchasing healthy meals for their diets. 

It does not matter how small the fitness activity is when you procrastinate pursuing it. You may not see the impact in your first procrastination until you realize it has become the norm- and now a barrier to your fitness goals.

You are constantly changing your fitness plan

You may wake up in the morning feeling all tired and decide you will not go jogging. Instead, you tell yourself that you will start swimming sessions on weekends in place of jogging sessions.

While your intentions are clear- you more or less might not meet any of them. 

Lack of motivation is evident when you always find a reason to change your fitness plans- could be diet, sleeping hours, or physical activities.

Change is okay, but constant change shows you are undecided. It shows you do not have the motivation to keep pushing.

Lack of a smart fitness goal

You do not need a specific goal to enjoy your workout sessions and diet plans. But it is always good to have overall fitness goals to help you stay aligned with your fitness journey.

A lack of smart fitness goals shows a lack of motivation. Without goals, you will most likely be following a path of uncertainty because after all, you do not know what you want out of your gym sessions, morning jogs, swimming sessions, or diet plans.

5 hacks to rebuild your motivation

What do you do if you notice your fitness journey is at an indefinite halt because of a lack of motivation?

The first thing to do is to stop self-criticism and blames and intentionally do the following things to stay motivated. 

Reward yourself after every successful fitness activity

Following a healthy meal plan for a week is not easy. But if you successfully follow one and you see the results on your calorie calculator, do yourself some good by rewarding yourself.

Rewards can help you stay motivated and focused. You will be going to that gym session knowing that you will watch your favourite show at the movies over the weekend.

If you love travelling, for example, you can set that once you lose 10 pounds in 2 months, you will travel to that favourite hangout spot in the countryside.

Reward yourself with things or activities that make you happy. 

Change your exercise and diet routines

Constantly changing your fitness activities shows a lack of motivation- especially if you do not follow them even after changing.

Doing the same thing over and over again can become boring. Change your routine and see your motivation rebuild. 

For example, instead of doing evening walks alone, you can choose to go jogging with your dog in the morning. Instead of having the same meals every Sunday, push that to Monday and see what happens.

You will be surprised at how a slight routine change can bring your motivation levels back in place. 

Invest in your fitness journey

Sometimes you will not realize the need to stay on your fitness plan if you do not part with a few bucks. Yes, spending money on fitness tools can help you stay motivated.

Invest in a fitness health tracker

Buy that health tracker that was recently advertised on your fitness mailing list. Health trackers can be worn as jewellery and as watches too. Some come in very beautiful interfaces and you can wear them all day all night.

Every time you look at your Fitbit Sense or Fitbit Charge 4 on your hand, you will remember why you need to keep pushing forward. You will know that you more or less bet your money on the device and it is not justice enough to rather stay unmotivated for a long period. 

Use a weight scale and calorie calculator

If your plan of getting fit is to lose or maintain your weight. Investing in a weight scale will be worth it.

If you want to monitor your calories in the process of your maintaining your weight, then purchase a premium calorie calculator. There are free options out there but spending some bucks on one will not hurt your budget.

Use online fitness solutions or pay for a gym subscription

There are several online fitness solutions that you can use to monitor your progress. Use the freely available ones or purchase a premium one within your budget.

Pay for or renew your gym subscription if that will keep you on your toes. Gyms help you get more refreshed and accountable because you meet like-minded people who will help you attain your fitness goals. 

Announce your Fitness Plans and Tag a Friend

Publicly announcing your fitness plans on social media can help you stay motivated. You will face pressure from family and friends who will be watching out for you.

Some will be watching to see you drift from your plans and not achieve anything at the end to make fun of you. Such pressure alone can help you keep dieting and exercising to get fit. 

Tagging a friend along as you pursue your fitness goals is a sure way of staying motivated. You will be more accountable and motivated regardless of what life brings your way. 

Remember why you started 

Always take a break and reflect on why you started. Did you start because you wanted to lose weight? Did you start because you wanted to be in shape? Did you start because you want to maintain your current weight?

The reason why started your fitness journey should make you motivated even at your lowest. Look at your fitness gallery and see how far you have come. 

Final Thoughts

Motivation is an on-off game in whatever goals you have set. Today you may be in a workout mood while tomorrow you may not want to taste that food you are eating as part of your diet. 

It is normal to feel unmotivated but it not beneficial to let that weigh you down on your fitness journey.

Look back and remind yourself why you started, and kindle that flame even more!