Barriers to losing weight

Want to Lose Weight and Get Fit? Here are your Options

Whether we talk about it or not, weight loss has become one of the most discussed topics in the world today. The number of overweight individuals has been on a steady rise, calling for various particular interventions. Weight loss isn’t a new idea, and we have to do everything it takes to remain physically fit. But even so, the main point of concern remains whether you can adhere to the guidelines or not.

First, before anything else, is to visit your doctor for a health assessment. Having sessions with your doctor before trying out any of the weight loss methods we’ve shared below can be helpful. For instance, you’ll be able to know your recommended daily intakes plus other vital nutritional information. The medical examination report will also help establish a list of things you should avoid, just in case of any.

Here, we’ve selected and described the seven weight loss techniques that work. Each of our choices and the corresponding explanations are based on research to ensure your high chances of success. However, as you’ll be following our instructions, we hope you’ll be able to practice enough patience and consistency for good results to prevail. Let’s jump in.

1. Minimise Alcohol Consumption

We’re not trying to tell you to stop taking alcohol completely. We know it can be possible for some people, but not for all. Alcoholic drinks such as wines are rich in calories which is a big enemy of weight control measures. So, avoiding taking alcoholic beverages or lowering your consumption rate could help you shed tremendous amounts of weight.

And when we say you minimise, we mean it because we know how your body works. You don’t want to find yourself in a position where you avoid alcohol once, then consume twice your usual daily intake the next day. That would be so terrible, which is why you need to listen carefully.

Avoiding or reducing your alcohol consumption can’t be practical if you intend to do it abruptly. Research findings have established that up to 75% of those who attempted to stop taking alcohol at once failed after finding themselves consuming even more. The best and the only practical way to achieve minimal alcohol intake is by doing it gradually. It’s ideal because it gives your body enough time to adapt to new conditions.

2. Never Skip any Meal

It has always been a trend that most people skip some meals of the day to keep their weights on point. Surprisingly, some even go to the extent of banning certain foods from their weight loss diet programs. While this might work for you for some time, the long-term effects could be unbearable.

Our bodies operate in a very fanny way. For example, when you skip breakfast, the body may detect a shortage then respond accordingly. As a result, you begin craving whatever food you usually eat for breakfast and then end up eating even more. This would seriously compromise your weight loss efforts since you’ll be gaining more instead of losing. 

Therefore, the best practice we recommend is for you to ensure that all your daily meals and foods are intact. The one thing you’ll have to do is to ensure that the amount you take lies within your Recommended Dietary Intake. Not skipping your meals prevents craving and overeating, and that’s how your meet your weight loss goals.

3. Engaging in Physical Exercises Regularly

There’s no other weight loss secret that could perform faster and better than doing physical exercise. Besides facilitating weight loss, physical activity offers your body a range of health benefits. For example, running or going to the Gym will make your heart and other respiratory organs stronger and healthier. Physical exercises also help lower the likelihood of many other diseases, including breast & Colon Cancer, Diabetes type 2, and dementia.

Physical activities such as frog jumps, running, and weight lifting helps the body to burn excess calories and consequently lose weight. You can wake up earlier than usual and run for at least 30 minutes before going to your job. You may also register at a nearby Gym so you could be going there for some workouts every evening after your appointment. The good news is that the Gym instructors will always guide you on what to do, which means you’ll never have to worry about anything.

4. Drinking More Water

Besides enabling you to lose weight, water serves several other functions in your body. It acts as a cooling agent, a solvent, and a medium within which many biochemical reactions occur. It’s very easy to confuse thirst with hunger and even end up eating when you actually shouldn’t. However, drinking a lot of water speeds up the rate at which your body burns calories, leading to weight loss.

High water intake also suppresses your appetite for other foods, making it an excellent way of ensuring minimal consumption. You can use water instead of your favourite sweetened beverages which contain lots of calories. This would be a true game-changer considering that water contains 0% caries. So, as you must have already realised, consuming a lot of water can help shed off your excess weight.

Please don’t forget that the best time to take water as far as weight loss is concerned is before having your meals. Doing so would be an excellent move because it will lower your appetite and end up eating less food.

5. High Fibre Intake

Fibre is one of the food components with renowned appetite-killing capabilities. You can get more fibre by consuming foods like brown rice, oats, wholegrain bread, beans, vegetables, fruits, etc. Eating foods containing lots of fibre helps reduce the urge to eat and then let you lose weight. Like water, taking more fibre has many other health benefits. These include reduced risk of cancer, diabetes type 2, and heart-related diseases. Eating more fibre could also facilitate a natural cleaning of the gastrointestinal tract.

6. Avoid Junk Foods

Foods like chocolates, sweet fizzy drinks, crisps, and biscuits are junk. They contain more salt, sugar, and unhealthy fats. And just before we forget, you need to understand that there’s a difference between junk and fast foods. Many people find junk foods quite delicious, and they end up consuming them in larger amounts. Such foods contain more calories but with less essential nutrients, which your body needs for the desired growth. So, when you begin slowing down on your consumption of junk foods, you’ll immediately start getting rid of the unnecessary extra weight. 

7. Taking Foods Rich in Proteins

Including some of the low-fat proteins in all your meals could be an excellent step towards losing weight. It’s so because, like fibre, proteins will suppress your urge to eat, thereby helping you to cut down the body weight. You can obtain low-fat proteins from foods like lean meat, eggs, and beans, among others.

Bottom Line

Having a normal body weight is healthy and enjoyable. There are straightforward methods you can personally use to lose weight and become fit. They include avoiding or taking just small amounts of alcohol, taking all your daily meals, physical exercising, drinking a lot of fresh water, and taking more fibre. It would help if you considered avoiding junk foods and increasing your protein intake.