What's stopping you lose weight

What is Stopping You from Getting Fit?

Most people set health and fitness goals every new year. While it may be an easy goal to set, most people end up either not trying to get fit at all or giving up on the way. You may be wondering why most people meet most of their set goals, for example, getting a high-paying job, buying a house, going to college, going on holiday, but fail to achieve their fitness goal. From lack of time due to family and work responsibilities to lack of motivation, several things could be preventing you from achieving your fitness goals.

8 Reasons You’re Not Getting Fit

Have you ever made an excuse for not exercising? Sometimes you may feel guilty or find yourself further justifying why your excuse is enough reason not to exercise. You can still achieve your fitness goals, but first, you need to know some of the things stopping you. While some situations are momentarily beyond your control, for example, being unwell, most of them are within your control, and you can soon get past them.

You don’t have enough time

If you ask your friends and family why they are not meeting their fitness goals, the issue of time is more likely to pop up than any other excuse. Exercising, like any other activity, requires dedication and can be unintentionally sidelined amidst busy schedules. Imagine trying to meet a project deadline at work and making time for an evening walk. You would most likely prefer to complete your job deadline before fitting the evening walk into your busy schedule. After all, your job would give you immediate economic benefits compared to exercising.

Work and family life often come as a priority before goals such as staying fit. In these economic times, you would not risk not paying bills because you went to the gym. You could be a full-time parent and notice you don’t always have free time to exercise. You are not alone on this, but you need to realise that always not having time is standing in your way to becoming fitter.

You don’t know where to start

Starting to exercise as a beginner can be very stressful. You might have so many options that you’re not sure which way to go. It can be more intimidating if you don’t have any close friends and family with fitness goals. Searching the internet may be more overwhelming than having someone guide you through the first stages of keeping fit.

Not knowing where to start hinders you from getting fit. The many options available online may not be of help if you are a first-timer. That is why through your fitness goals, you need someone to hold your hand. Do you feel like you don’t know where to start? You are not alone in this.  It is only but the first step to knowing where to start and getting fit. 

You cannot afford a subscription

When you’re starting to exercise, you may want to join a gym for a more instructed workout session. Whereas some gym subscriptions may be affordable, most fully-facility gyms are costly. If you are not on a very stable income, you’ll find that you cannot afford a gym subscription.

Look out for gym subscriptions that suit your budget to avoid any extra costs. Exercising should not be costly, and you should not feel obliged to subscribe to a gym if you cannot afford it. Remember that there are other options of exercising that don’t necessarily need the gym. You can try jogging, going on walks, and cycling.

You’re in pain, so you cannot train

No one enjoys being in pain. You may be in pain because of an illness or out of being sore. Regardless of the source of the pain, you may often find yourself not training because of the pain. It is always uncomfortable and painful to exercise when in pain.

As a beginner, your first few days at the gym may leave you very tired and sore. In the subsequent days, you may find yourself not training because of the pain you experienced. However, experiencing pain is expected for first-timers, and it should be taken as a stepping stone towards achieving one’s fitness goals.

You don’t have an exercise partner

Exercising alone can be boring sometimes. You may be that extroverted individual that finds it hard to hit the gym or take a brisk walk alone. Sometimes, conditions such as different schedules may prevent your friends or family from going to the gym with you. Perhaps they consider themselves fit, don’t like your chosen gym, have different preferences, and many other reasons. In these cases, you’re most likely to exercise alone.

Think of it this way. You are on a fitness goal as an individual. That, alone should motivate you to exercise. In case of lifestyle disease such as diabetes, your body shall be the one affected and not your desired exercise partner. Whereas it is more fun exercising with friends and family, always remember that you are on a fitness goal as an individual- you got this!

You think you’re too old to keep fit

Have you ever thought you’re too old to do something? But what is ‘too old’ in exercising yet lifestyle diseases affect people of all ages. People of all ages need a healthy and fit body. Thinking that you’re too old is not reason enough not to exercise.

Exercises, at first, may seem foreign to your body, especially if it is your first time. It is natural to feel that maybe that is not your path, and reasons such as too old may come up. Remember that exercises take many forms, such as jogging, swimming, walking, etc. For example, if you feel you can’t swim because you are too old, try other forms of exercise, such as walking. No one is too old to achieve any of their set goals, fitness included.

You consider yourself fit

You could be considering yourself already fit because you are thin. Being thin or slim doesn’t necessarily mean you are fit. Your body could be having a lot of fat that you can quickly reduce through exercising.

If you consider yourself fit, it’s time you reconsidered your thoughts. Your body needs continuous exercise, regardless of shape and size. Exercises help keep our hearts in shape and attain a generally healthy body, whether we want to lose weight or not.

You do not see results

You may have tried keeping fit before and seen no improvement. It is always human nature to expect prompt results, but this is not always the case when exercising. The fitness journey requires some patience, no matter your fitness level.

If you are not getting results promptly, don’t get discouraged yet. Keep taking your brisk walks, swimming sessions, and using your gym membership. Getting fit takes time, and you need to be consistent no matter what.

Perhaps one, two, or four of these reasons could apply to your situation. You may even have all of them apply to you. Don’t worry. All is not lost. Your health and fitness goals are still achievable no matter how unmotivated you may feel right now. This website shall help you overcome these barriers step by step. You’ll soon achieve all your fitness goals.