Why Your Routine Keeps You from Getting Fit

Getting fit needs an established routine. Routine can be anything from your workout sessions to what you buy at the restaurant.

You can be trying to get fit but notice your efforts are rather fruitless. It could be that you want to burn excess fat but every time you use your calorie calculator, you notice that there is no progress.

A fitness routine helps in getting fit. But the same routine can prevent you from getting fit. The very small habits you ignore could be barriers to your fitness success. 

Here are 6 routines that are keeping you from getting fit

Use of escalators or lifts instead of stairs

While using lifts and escalators can be fast, preferring them to stairs is preventing you from getting fit.

Using stairs can help you naturally burn excess fats as you go by your daily schedule.

The next time you are at the mall, look for stairs. 

Exercising does not have to be programmed, but you can consciously stay fit when you want to. 

Parking your car next to your workplace

Do you always prefer packing your car next to your office? If the answer is yes, then that is a habit that is silently preventing you from getting fit.

You could have reasons for packing your car next to your office. For example, you have to watch your car from your office due to security reasons. It could be that you are not staying in the office the whole day so you needed to quickly park it and pick something. 

Park your car in the furthest parking space. You will walk to your car after work and drive home. Walking on its own is an exercise. You will realize that the more you walk to your car parked at a distance, the more fit your body gets.

Driving to the mall next door

Do you always drive to stores and malls that are within walking distance? If you do then you need to know that it is preventing you from getting fit.

Walk to the stores and malls instead of driving- unless what you are going to buy needs transportation. You can also cycle there if you like. Walking and cycling help in burning excess fats in your body and helps you get fit. 

Drinking soft drinks instead of water

Sometimes you just want to drink that carbonated soft drink to quench your thirst. You also could be a huge fan of eating ice cream to quench your thirst.

Water is essential in your body. While soft drinks and other beverages contain a certain percentage of water, nothing beats the naturalness of pure water. Water helps you stay hydrated and freshens your mind and body.

Since water keeps you hydrated, you will be able to go to the gym or do your favourite workout without feeling dehydrated. Adequate intake of water also helps you not to get tired easily when you work out.

Getting tired easily after a few runs? Drink water. 

Eating at fast-food restaurants instead of cooking at home

Restaurants are good. Fast goods can be necessary sometimes. You could be in a new town and are not sure what to quickly eat to get back to a meeting.

But what if your home is within reach? Why not buy food and cook it at home? Without a doubt, not everyone enjoys cooking. However, your habit of eating fast foods instead of cooking at home could be silently delaying your weight loss plan. 

Make a new habit of eating at home or carrying packed food to work whenever you can. This helps you become more conscious of what and how you prepare your food. 

Sticking to a workout schedule for too long

One schedule can be boring. You can easily get demotivated in the process. Worse still, if you do not see any progress in your schedule, you can easily give up. 

If you have been 

Have a change of workout routine sometimes, and see to it that you slowly start getting fit. 

How can you implement a new routine to get fit?

3 Ways to Implement a New Routine to Get Fit

Find out what works for you

A routine that works for your family and friends may not necessarily work for you. 

Establish activities that you are comfortable doing and pursue them. The activities must also align with your fitness goals. For example, if you want to lose weight, then monitor your diet more and be physically active. 

Be specific about the respective activities that work out for you. If running is not your thing, try walks and jogs. If you cannot afford a gym subscription, use the available free resources to achieve your fitness goals.

Do not be hard on yourself. Do what you can and when you can. You are an incredible person who deserves peace and fulfilment in the fitness journey you started.

Track your time

Incorporating new routines can be demanding. Time is a big factor to consider.

Check if the gym sessions you want to attend fit in your busy work schedule. If they do then go ahead and fix them in and be proud of your progress.

Your new fitness routine should be time-bound. For example, be specific that you want to park the furthest at your workplace at least three times a week. Once you achieve this for three consecutive weeks, for example, set another time-bound goal. 

Tracking your time is also helpful in being a good time manager in your fitness journey. Do not spend too much or too little time on activities because you either enjoy or do not enjoy doing them.

Time is important in fitness routines, track it. 

Find the right work out buddy

Nothing beats the social support from friends and family with similar fitness goals. Tell someone about your new fitness routine.

A workout buddy could be your wife, husband, son, daughter, colleague, name it. Your dog can also be your workout buddy! The good thing about an activity partner is that they can introduce newer and better workout routines that can be very helpful to both of you. 

Exercising or following a diet with someone else helps you to stay motivated and more accountable. It is interesting listening to your favourite hit with someone you are comfortable with as you work out. 

Let your new workout friend help you monitor your routine and cheer you on. 

Final Thoughts

There are daily routines that can prevent one from getting fit. Some of them such as using lifts and escalators may seem too appealing to be the real reason why you are not fit.

Consider little actions such as walking or cycling to your next shopping mall, carrying cooked lunch to work, and drinking adequate water to help you get fit.

Finding a balance between your routine and a new routine can be confusing. Track your time to see how flexible your schedule can get to implement your new routine.

A fitness journey gets more interesting and fulfilling when walked with friends and family. A workout buddy will help you stay on track by reminding you why you started and cheering you on with every small step you take.